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Treatment Options

Everybody needs something different! 

Hands in Prayer Pose
Image by Alexander Grey

Mind Meditation

Guided meditation including mind music

Body Meditation

Guided meditation including body music

Soul Meditation

Guided meditation including soul music

What To Expect

At Tri-Origin Smile Mudra Healing, we believe that each person's case is unique and requires a personalized approach. For instance, a generalized acidity mudra may not be effective for someone suffering from acidity as the underlying cause could be different. Our approach involves researching the root cause of the issue, which could be due to factors such as stress, overuse, or injury.

Our experienced healer prescribes specific mudras, which are hand postures, based on the underlying cause. Additionally, we use guided meditation to help patients enter a meditative state. After a few sessions, we teach patients the tools required for regular meditation to address their specific problem.

  • Our healing process starts with an initial 90-minute appointment, during which we review the patient's history, define mudras, and introduce guided meditation.

  • Follow-up sessions, which are 40 minutes each, involve feedback from the previous appointment, mudra changes based on the cause and effect, and guided meditation.

  • All our sessions are conducted online via Zoom or Google Meet for our patients' convenience.


At the end of our program, patients are equipped with the knowledge and tools to continue their healing journey by meditating regularly and experiencing the benefits of Tri-Origin Smile Mudra Healing.

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